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At Marbella Landscaping, we redefine landscaping as more than routine maintenance; it’s an art form. Our comprehensive services go beyond the ordinary:

Creative Design Solutions:

  • Our expert team crafts unique designs, leveraging a diverse range of options, to elevate your outdoor space.

Professional Guidance:

  • Navigate the process seamlessly with our seasoned professionals who guide you through envisioning and realizing your dream landscape.

Actionable Steps:

  • Take proactive steps toward enhancing your outdoor space by exploring our website for a wealth of options and ideas.

Free Consultation:

  • Begin your journey with Marbella Landscaping by requesting a free consultation. Let us understand your vision and tailor our services to your needs.
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Work & Services

Meet the variety of services we offer for you in Utah at Marbella Landscaping.

  • Sod Installation
  • Sprinkler System
  • Drip System
  • Metal Edging
  • Curbing
  • Mulch
  • Rubber Mulch
  • Decorative Rocks
  • Playground Chips
  • Playground Sand
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Inground Trampoline
  • Tree/Bush Planting
  • Artificial Turf
  • Decks
  • Pergola
  • Landscape Lighting
  • French Drains
  • Garden Boxes
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Maintaining a good-looking yard in Utah will require different amounts of water throughout the year. Enjoy your free time and don’t worry anymore about irrigating manually with automatic drip irrigation or sprinklers that our professional team can provide!

Why install automatic irrigation in your Lawn and garden?

With an automatic irrigation system, you can:

  • Water large areas quickly.
  • You’ll never have to drag a hose all over your yard.
  • You will never wonder again if you have watered too much or too little or worry about watering the lawn when you are not home.
  • You will save money on water bills since the automatic irrigation system will optimize the use of water.
  • With just moving a finger, you will already have an irrigated garden since we offer “smart Irrigation” with our add-on wifi timers.

The automatic irrigation installation service includes:

  • Measurements of the main line and the area to be irrigated to assess feasibility.
  • Excavation and backfill with the same removed material (grass or soil)
  • Complete installation of the irrigation system withwith pipes, fitting, timer, sprinkler, stop & waste valve, back flow preventers, all needed wires.
  • Automation of the irrigation system.
  • Startup.
  • Customer training in the use and operation of the programmer.

If you aren’t sure how many square feet you have in your yard or want advice, schedule a visit by clicking here.

By installing synthetic grass, you will get much more than beauty. You will also get practicality since it does not need to be watered, mowed, or fumigated.

Maintenance is practical! It will require only brushing.

On the other hand, synthetic grass will be optimal all year round despite the weather. It can be used for interior spaces as well.

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You will see an incredible transformation of your garden appearance by installing sod with the best equipment.

We make sure to do a quality job, preparing the ground so that the base is suitable for the sod installation, and your investment grows and prospers.

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Drip irrigation is the most efficient system for supplying water and nutrients due to the following advantages:

  • Supplies water and nutrients directly into the plant.
  • Correct portion, adapted to the needs of the type of plant.
  • At the right time, to grow optimally.
  • Allows farmers and homeowners to produce higher yields while saving water, fertilizers, and energy.

How does it work?

Water comes across the garden or bed area in pipes called driplines, featuring small units known as emitters. There are different sizes of emitters. The most common are 1, 2, 5, and 8 GPH (Gallon Per Hour).

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  • Metal edging, or curbing, creates a separation between grass, decor, pathways, mulch, and decorative cobble in an elegant, discreet, and effective way.
  • Prevent grass from seeping into adjacent sides.
  • They will not rot, crack or become brittle from the weather.
  • Being fixed, they resist the natural movement of the ground due to extreme weather conditions.

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Why do we recommend installing landscape Fabric?

Landscape fabric prevents the unwanted growth of weeds that can absorb nutrients from the soil we plant trees, flowers, and shrubs. This fabric is flexible, durable, and breathable.

How is the installation of the fabric?

The cloth looks like a solid sheet with holes. It is placed on top of the soil to allow water and fertilizer to reach the roots.

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We strive to make your garden look beautiful and elegant day and night. Landscape lighting adds charm and elegance to your home, bringing out the best design. Lighting brings trees and flowers to life and illuminates paths and steps for safety.

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Why install French Drains?

Melting snow and heavy rain can cause extensive damage to your home and garden due to the accumulation and formation of puddles, mud, and standing water.

To help protect the home’s foundation from ongoing damage and to prevent flooding. The french drain redirects the flow of water from the house. By draining water from saturated soil, the French drainage system also reduces standing water in the yard.

We help you so that you can continue enjoying your garden throughout the year, regardless of the weather!

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We install an inground Trampoline so that your garden welcomes the little ones and is also a place of fun and good times.

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Do you want to create cozy environments where your family can create unforgettable moments?

We can give you some ideas for different designs for your next project.

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Having a designated area for gardening will make a difference! It makes it difficult for small animals to reach your fruits and vegetables!

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